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Wholistic (Holistic) Health Care: Whole-body, Whole-Health

Chiropractor Burbank Thousand Oaks CA Both conventional health care and alternative/holistic medicine diagnose and treat symptoms.

But there are some important differences.

Rather than taking the time to correctly diagnose a patient and create an appropriate treatment plan, many health care professionals today respond by increasing their rate of prescribing medications as a quick fix.

The fundamentals of Wholistic (holistic) treatment, however, are based on the principles of the Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) – which is a whole-body chiropractic technique based on the normalization or balancing of the Cranial-sacral system.

SOT trains its practitioners to consider and integrate the entire patient in their diagnostic evaluation and treatment plan.

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Dr. Richard Gerardo
D.C., C.S.C.P., D.A.C.B.N.